On January 24 and 26 Leah Crocetto makes her Palm Beach Opera debut and stars as Liù in Turandot, opposite Alexandra Loutsion in the title role and Stefano La Colla as Calaf. Palm Beach Opera Chief Conductor David Stern leads the performances from the pit.

The icy Princess Turandot reigns in a fantastical ancient China, where her beauty mesmerizes those who seek her love. Having deemed all men unworthy of her hand, the austere princess proposes a simple but deadly challenge to her smitten wooers. Answer three riddles and win her hand. Fail, and face beheading. But when one gallant suitor shows promise, will the princess honor her decree and open her heart to a mysterious man?

Featuring an adventurous musical score and one of the most iconic opera arias of all time, “Nessun Dorma,” Giacomo Puccini’s final masterpiece presents a sweeping story of passion, perseverance, and peril.

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