“American soprano Leah Crocetto proved a particular standout, displaying extraordinary clarity and control across her richly coloured range.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

“Crocetto and Damerau’s Agnus Dei was gentle and lullaby-like… Crocetto’s Libera Me and the final Requiem aeternam dona eis formed a stunning and beautiful conclusion.”

Limelight Magazine

“Crocetto’s upper notes bloomed and soared in almost impossible stratospheric splendor. Her Libera me, the final section of the Requiem, had it all: an urgent, passionate beginning, firm chest notes for the “in die illa tremenda” (in that awful day), soaring top notes and a beautifully floated, pure “Requiem” that set the tone for a deeply emotional ending. Not one member of the audience wanted to disturb the reverential atmosphere during the lengthy pause at the conclusion of the work – until, finally, a prolonged ovation erupted.”

Classic Melbourne