“It is quite a challenge to take a scene out of an opera and perform it convincingly, but this pair of artists succeeded brilliantly. We believed every minute and felt every feeling.

Individual performances were also superlative. We have previously reviewed Ms. Crocetto’s artistry in Liszt’s Petrarch Sonnets and find they suit her well. The obsessionality of Petrarch comes through loud and clear. There are some lovely arpeggi in the piano between the verses of “I vidi in terra angelici costumi”.

We also enjoyed the Rachmaninoff songs, especially our favorite Russian song “Ne poy, krasavitsa, pri mnye” with its exotic mournful melody. In “Vokaliz, Op 34, No. 14″ we were able to appreciate the warmth and purity of tone and the plethora of overtones that tickled our ears and filled the hall, wall to wall.”

Voce di Meche