“Through it all, of course, there was Crocetto’s marvelous voice, which is rock-solid throughout her register (including a lower register which is rich and full and goes down to some notes you’d not expect from a lot of sopranos) and just so very expressive, with pacing and phrasing that are consistently right on point.

She can get just as much out of a sassy tune like “Bosom Buddies” from “Mame” and the gentle “Lay Down Your Head” from “Violet” as she can out of something of the power and vocal heft of “I Dreamed a Dream.” And her laugh-out-loud funny rendition of a Jeanine Tesori/Dick Scanlon number written for Kristen Chenowith, “The Girl in 14G,” was as satisfying in its own way as was her singing of “Back to Before,” that glorious song from “Ragtime.”

Besides all that, she can channel Ella Fitzgerald like nobody’s business, as her raise-the-roof rendition of “Blues in the Night” proved.”