Leah Crocetto, San Francisco Opera’s Newest Aida!

Leah Crocetto, San Francisco Opera’s latest Aida, is no longer an up and coming star – she has made it! Crocetto is anything but a stereotypical diva; she is kind, down-to-earth, entertaining, and personable, one of those people everyone loves to be around. A musician through and through, Leah Crocetto got her start as a jazz singer before emerging onto the operatic stage. We are grateful that she was willing to take time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of our questions about her latest role, her career, and her dog.

We want to get to know you, so let’s play desert island: you can bring three opera recordings with you to listen to for the rest of your life. What are they?

Haha. Lord help me, I can only listen to opera for the rest of my life?! KIDDING!!! If I had to choose, it might surprise you… I would take Luciano Pavarotti’s Romantica album, the Vienna Boys Choir’s recording of Handel’s Messiah, and the Chicago Symphony recording of the Verdi Requiem with Leontyne and Luciano! Can I have one more? The Marriage of Figaro with Renée Fleming as the Countess.

You have a long relationship with San Francisco Opera, but you’ve performed all over. How does performing on the San Francisco Opera stage compare to doing so on other great stages, such the Met or Santa Fe Opera?

When I perform in San Francisco, it’s like when the San Francisco Giants play baseball at AT&T Park.  It is my artistic HOME! My best friends are on the music staff and in the chorus, and I know the audience here. I feel as though I am sending out and getting back nothing but love!

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Image: Cory Weaver / San Francisco Opera